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SaaS Solutions for Instant Customer Screening, Quick Loan Processing & Detailed Monitoring of Loans

What is CREDmitra?

CREDmitra specialises in developing solutions which help Lenders manage loans very effectively through the lifecycle. A loan has multiple stages right from enquiry, onboarding, assessment, disbursal and monitoring until final repayment. CREDmitra offers AI-powered solutions to enhance efficiency across all these stages. Having all the solutions built as an integrated platform helps Lenders slice & dice usage based on their specific requirements.

CREDmitra Benefits

Leveraging Technology



Our Solutions


The pre-processing stage sets the tone for the credit evaluation process. CREDmitra’s solutions for the pre-processing stage help filter our ineligible leads at the onset, saving enormous effort and time.


CREDmitra’s cutting-edge processing solutions use AI-powered automations, multiple data sources and strong rule based engines to simplify the evaluation process.


Monitoring portfolio & each borrower’s performance across all lenders, ensuring timely repayment and zero impact on the bottomline are the main objectives of CREDmitra’s AI and analytics driven Post-Processing solutions.