Financial Institutions are facing immense pressure with growing NPAs. Present monitoring mechanisms are reactive and are focussed on SMA Accounts while being incapable of identifying external risks building on standard accounts (which constitute 90-95% of the entire portfolio).

Delayed loan repayments & defaults severely impact the bottom line of lending businesses, in addition to raising concerns about business continuity.

CREDmitra’s intelligent AI and Analytics driven solutions pre-emptively predict defaults even before any signs of stress in loan accounts, thereby enabling the FIs to significantly reduce slippages to NPA and the associated losses.


About AIM

An intelligent solution which uses AI-driven risk and income estimation modelling to monitor profile of borrowers within the lending FI and outside to predict default preemptively.

Detailed Internal & External Monitoring

Identify new business opportunities

Reduced NPAs

Improved Profitability


About EWS

An AI-powered early warning system which monitors profile of borrowers outside of the lending FI to identify new business opportunities or trigger stress preemptively, ensuring avoidance of delayed / non-repayment of loans.

Detailed External Monitoring

Checks for over-leverage or default on alternate loans

Credit Score Variance

On-going Income Estimation check