The pre-processing stage is vital to the lifecycle of loans as it sets the tone for the credit evaluation process by determining the quality of applications at the onset. Better quality loan applications lead to better asset quality, quicker turnaround and higher revenue. 

Most Financial Institutions (FIs) focus only on the loan assessment process. But the customer screening and loan assessment processes are equally important.

CREDmitra has built innovative AI powered automation solutions which benefit the loan evaluation process by reducing rejection rates, improving efficiency, and building a strong credit profile of customers.


About SCREEN101

An easy-to-use AI-driven solution which assesses loan eligibility and screens customers in just 4 clicks. Empower your front desk or Sales team or add a widget to your website/App to in-principle sanction in minutes.

Quick Turnaround

50% Lower Rejections

Enhanced Customer Experience

Improved Asset Quality

Increased Cost Efficiency

Kiosk / Doorstep Customer Screening